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Springtime Severe Weather

Although it’s January, it is time to begin preparing for severe weather. As we’ve seen this weekend, tornadoes can develop anytime of the year when conditions are right. The South is particularly susceptible to tornadoes due to warm air and moisture from coming up from the south and mixing with cold air from the north. […]

Get Prepared and Stay Prepared

Many people are getting very concerned about the situation with North Korea and you may be one of them.  The thought of getting into a nuclear conflict with an out of control leader is very scary.  Nukes could be launched at the United States.  You may be feeling a lot of uncertainty. You don’t know […]

Sustainable Food

P5PREPAREDNESS AND HATPONICS Here at P5 Preparedness, we’re firm believers in storing freeze dried foods, MRE’s, and nice big buckets of rice, beans, pasta and other staples. Being prepared includes buying bulk and putting food up for long term storage. However, we also realize that food will eventually be eaten or hit its expiration date, […]

Prepping by the Numbers

5KEYS When it comes to prepping, there is one tool that trumps all others. This tool is, without a doubt, the most critical to your survival – the survival mindset. Your thought process and commitment to survival are essential to getting through a bad day. The need to hone your mindset to a razor sharp […]