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P5 Preparedness is about building a resilient community and providing practical actionable training. Here is a quick overview of the key features you’ll find available to you as a registered website member. By the way, membership to the P5 Network is free!

The P5 Network is a private networking system with an Activity Stream that members can share their status, upload photos, post videos, create events, polls, groups, pages within and do so much more.

Members can like, share, comment and keep in touch with our team, their new friends and other network members. Network users can comment on friends posts and add images to the comments. Also they can “Like” posts and comments. Likes include 6 pre defined emotions : like, love, wow, sad, angry, laugh on each post and comment.

Members have the flexibility to create many post types: text, files, videos and photos, polls, embedded content from other sites and share moods through emojis. They can even use custom backgrounds on shared status updates. 

Hashtags tags have become a powerful search tool in the era of social networking. A P5 Network #Hashtag will help to search and trend the popular posts. If a post includes a hashtag, members can click on that to get all statuses that include the same hashtag. Members can also tag friends using @names in their status and comments. Tag other members in photos and they’ll receive a notification.

Videos content is the second most sought after content on the internet. P5 Network enables members to share videos using video links and uploads. We support most of the major video providers like, Youtube, Vimeo, dailymotion, Facebook etc.

The proverb goes, “A picture is worth 1000 words.” Our network enables members to share visual concepts, events and memories via photo upload with easy drag and drop options. Members can also upload files on profile walls, groups and Events and pages.

Members can also create polls to find consensus on questions and decisions. Simply submit your questions in the form on the Polls section to get the feedback.

If you are familiar with the big blue thumb social network, Pages are useful to focus on specific products, services and topics. In the P5 Network you can interact with members via Pages, can share videos, photos, files, and status updates, invite friends. Review how purchased products and discuss the page focused topic or ask questions you, and others, may need answers to.

As a registered member you will have a home base, or custom profile, to manage all the information available and coming into you. Members can add cover photos and avatars. Control who sees your profile and make connections with others without giving up your private information. Members can contact each other privately, share media files and reply, delete messages using your inbox. You can even block a member(s) if necessary to avoid any unwanted messages.

We know you are busy and may not have time to log in all day for the latest and greatest information. That is why P5 Network will send you real-time alerts on new comments, likes, friend requests, and messages via email. Members can change the email preferences depending on their needs. And when you do log in, you’ll receive alerts on the site in real time for new notifications, friend requests and private messages.

We are also now have a robust events calendar feature that will enable members in groups to schedule events, invite friends and easily keep track of their real-life meetings.

We have two types of events, private or public. Every event be one or the other. Private groups and pages will have private events not listed for non-group/page members.

Every event acts similar to a page or group. Event Details show event location and information with a map. Attendees or host can upload important documents on the event wall. The Host will keep you updated with posts, shared videos, photos and more.

There are already ten groups and more to come. Groups are discussion environment focused on a general topic area. Groups can share videos, photos, files, and status updates, invite friends, schedule events and hold important discussions. Groups can be requested and are either network open, private of unlisted and invite only.

So as you can see we’ve been busy getting the new P5 Network ready for you. Now it's time for you to do your part, register and start building your personal knowledge and network of like minded contacts.

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